Prime Time

For women who want a change, a new direction & a path to follow

Something big is happening for women today.

There is a stirring in our souls, a longing for change. A longing to experience a new way – a women’s way of living life. We are yearning to come fully alive, to create our future and shape the future of our world.

PrimeTime emerged in response to an insistent, compelling, growing call from women around the world for a new way, a compass and a path to follow, closing the gap between what we long for and what we are experiencing in our lives, our relationships and in our world.

PrimeTime is not a course. Not one more self help program. It is a rigorously liberating journey for women searching for a new way to honour their heart’s desires, express what matters most in their lives, all within a potent wisdom community of compassionate, creative women. 

PrimTime is a ‘time-in’, one-year journey designed for you to explore your restlessness, hear your call and shape your future. 

It’s time to take our place, take a stand and take intentional action.

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Is PrimeTime For You?

PrimeTime is a call to awareness and action, for women who are ready and willing to focus on moving forward, creating something new.

Do you resonate with some of all of these?

Tell me more about PrimeTime

You and the women journeying with you will gather, with your guides Kerry Parsons and Jane Warren, one Sunday each month for a full day of in-person exploration, inspiration and motivation. In between gatherings we will meet via Zoom to check in, catch up and help each other maintain the momentum of our individual and collective quest.

Our year together will be structured into 4 distinct sessions which will build on each other and evolve our attention from ourselves, to our relationships, into the broader world and finally loop back around to ourselves once more. The journey creates an arc of discovery and growth that must be taken in its entirety:

Spring Session

Going Within

A deep dive into the heart of you, orienting your compass and your awareness in the joy of your heart's desire.

Taking intentional action in your choices and expression from a place of deep meaning and resonance.

Summer Session

The Space Between Us

An exploration of relationship, honing your ability to nurture yourself and your relationships at the same time.

Taking intentional action to create and express in this shared space.

Autumn Session

Into the World Beyond

Claiming your space in the world you choose to inhabit, owning your impact and taking full responsibility for your choices and expression.

Taking intentional action to create what matters most to you.

Winter Session

A Return Within

Coming full circle into the deep embodiment of your essential self, catalyzing your momentum for continued inquiry and development.

Taking intentional action to create a life that nurtures and sustains you, your relationships and the world around you.

Each exploration will be held in a container of creativity, connection and contribution, and nurture our return to living and creating in a manner that embraces women’s wisdom, women’s ways and women’s work.

women's wisdom. women's ways. Women's work.

What is wisdom?

And what are those ways? This is the essential exploration. How can we understand, embody and live – fully embracing and incorporating modern day versions of our deeply held wisdom, ways and work?

Together we are creating the new way forward. We are gently and fiercely creating a new path, built on what matters most for a caring, sustainable, consciously evolving world.

At the end of this Journey you will have:

You will be invited, and indeed challenged, to bring your courage and your curiosity, your compassion and your creativity, your words and your ears, to take ownership of your conscious actions, of whatever size and reach, and the transformation that you inspire and provoke.

Sound rich and juicy? We can’t wait to get started! Let’s go!

Join the Journey

PrimeTime requires a full year commitment of your time, attention and energy. Your own experience will be deeply entwined with those who journey with you as we all grow, learn and develop together. Your membership and active participation in this journey will matter deeply to everyone else, and theirs will matter to you!

As this is the inaugural version of PrimeTime, it is being offered at an introductory price point, that will not be repeated. As an added gift you will also be invited to participate in the Academy of Emerging Women quarterly equinox gatherings, at no additional cost.

fare for the journey

$3,000 +GST (quarterly and monthly payment plans available by request)


First Gathering – March 1, 2020
Final Gathering – February 7, 2021

PrimeTime is an invitation-only journey and we are carefully gathering women who are ready and able to take this journey at this time.

Kerry Parsons

Community & Connection